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Anchor Dingy and Kayak

KWD 12.000


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1.5 Kg
2.5 Kg

Product Description

●Anchor Dingy and Kayak● Anchor is available for Dingy and kayak, as well as suitable for jet-skis, watercraft, or anything you would like to install in the sea. Available in 2.5 kg And 1.5 kg The Anchor has a 10-meter rope, a cleat and a pouch for the tooth price 2.5 kg for 15 K.D 1.5 kg for 12 K.D

Product Information

Product TypeBuy Kayak
Price (excl. tax)KWD 12.000
Price (incl. tax)KWD 12.000
TaxKWD 0.000
Availability Available
Color Black
length 10 meter
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