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Pan’s Marine N450

KWD 1,450.000

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Product Description

The N450 is produced in mono-block form from polyethylene with rotation moulding technique. It is designed to offer comfortable and safe cruising pleasure while having a large interior volume to provide maximum usage and safe storage space. It has 100% UV additive and is not affected by seawater, algae, osmosis and corrosion, it is long-lasting and ergonomic. It does not need anti-fouling 🛶 Pan’s Marine N450 💰 Price started with 1450 🇹🇷 Made in Turkey

Product Information

Product TypeBuy Kayak
Price (excl. tax)KWD 1,450.000
Price (incl. tax)KWD 1,450.000
TaxKWD 0.000
Availability In stock (2 available)
length 15 foot
Color white
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